We will be CLOSED for the month of January, 2023. We will be at Dallas Market to order for Christmas 2023 and then we will be busy re-stocking the Store with your favorite Spring Decor, Gifts and Boutique. See you in February!

Check out the new 2022 photos of our fantastic Collectibles!

Christmas Trees
We sell Artificial Trees------>See-----> About/Contact Us Page.


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Inside Encore (the Christmas Store)

This is your personal tour inside Encore for CHRISTMAS 2022.

Patience Brewster Angel!

Santa and Sleigh!

Karen Didion Collectible Santa

Byers' Choice Carolers!

Mantlescape at Encore

Ball Garlands in Action!

"Midnight Mint" is my name for this tree.

Re-defining the "Treetopper"